Day 1 - November, 14 2012

P471     REMMOS – A Reconfigurable Multipurpose Multiwavelength Optical Shared Bus Control Plane
P516     Experimental Benchmarks for the Assessment OpenFlow Switch implementations
P599     Raman amplification model applied in remote optical fiber sensors
P696     Bandwidth Scalable OFDM PON – MAC Layer
P762     Eigenbeamforming and Space Time Coding to Fully Extract the Diversity Order of a System in a Macrocell Channel
P804     An Optical Performance Monitoring Method for Carrier Ethernet Networks using OAM Continuity Check Messages
P852     Evaluation of Optical Modulation Formats in a XG-PON Scenario
P937     Construction of a Hybrid Environment Emulation and Simulation for WDM Optical Networks through Techniques of High Performance Computing


Day 2 - November, 15 2012

P189     Development of an IMU + sEMG Wearable ZigBee Sensor
P203     Experimental Demonstration of 20 Gb/s Transmission over OM3 MMFs Using SC-FDE and 850nm VCSELs
P281     Performance Optimization of DDO-OFDM Transmissions in Short-Haul Links Through Genetic Algorithms
P323     OTN Planning Approaches
P511     Software for Nonintrusive Monitoring Residential Loads with two Different Approaches
P538     GigaWaM demonstrator: A low cost, flexible and scalable WDM-PON access network
P561     Optical Physical Layer Reconfiguration in Datacenter Network
P701     A Hybrid Energy Matrix Proposal for the Brazilian Antarctic Station: an experience applicable to new buildings
P798     Cognitive Power Management in Long-Haul Optical Systems
P833     A Preliminary Tests of Joint Angles Measurements with Wireless Inertial Sensors during assisted gait
P874     Proposal for Automatic Inference of Human Behavior through an Associative Memory Model applied on Sequential Activities
P907     Gain Flattening Analysis for Raman+EDFA Hybrid Amplifiers Using Recycled Pump for WDM Systems


November 14-15, 2012, Vitoria, E.S. Brazil






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